Friday, March 17, 2006


March's meeting will feature two speakers formerly of ApproTEC/Kickstart ( Check out their website and read up on the cool technologies they've worked on for villages in Kenya.

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Potential project - developing world stove improvements

The core group (several ATDT people who are willing to meet more often in person - not exclusive, just folks with a little more time on their hands) has been considering how to get the ATDT impact realized sooner - how do we illustrate to people (local EWB members and regional groups that need engineering assistance) what the ATDT purpose is and why/how they can become involved? A potential project that has been proposed involves an efficient stove for developing countries - we know that improved stove efficiency is needed, but what exactly can be done to meet the all needs of the people who might use it? Does it sacrifice space heating to optimize fuel and cooking efficiency? This might be a good example of a project that needs engineering help:

This stove minimizes environmental impacts by increasing combustion efficiency and thus reduces the need to burn as much firewood, frees up time for (mostly) women so that they can do other things, it improves health by decreasing indoor air pollution, and it reduces the risk of stove burns to children and women - who could ask for more!

Comment on this post if you are particularly interested! In the meantime we will also be seeing how EWB-SFP can contribute.

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

EWB-SFP Appropriate Technology Design Team

i had to remove the word doc questionaire from my website. The site has had issues recently and it did not survive the great purge. I will post it and the Sri Lankan review on the FTP site.